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VersatileNode is a relatively new player in the Hosting market space, being founded in May of 2019. Don't let this fool you though, they are quickly asserting dominance over competitors, even acquiring three other small hosting providers to gain more market share quickly. They are currently a team of five, led by Anthony P. (CEO), but they plan to expand as needed while they continue to grow as a company.   VersatileNode presently offers VPS, Minecraft, and Web Hosting options, with nodes in North America and Europe. These services are broken down into Budget and Premium plans, which run on Intel i7-6700K+ and Intel i9-9900K processors respectively. I know you might be thinking, “They must be expensive with those high-end processors!?”, but that’s the kicker, their prices are actually quite low, at only $1.25(a) per GB for the Budget plans, and $2.25(a) per GB for Premium!   I have personally used most of the services that VersatileNode provides including both budget and premium Minecraft and VPS plans, as well as Web Hosting. I am pleased to say that I have had a very good experience with all my services. I have had the opportunity to speak directly with most of the VN team and they have always been professional and helpful. I will most definitely be continuing to use VN as my go-to hosting provider for future projects!   (a) – prices are listed in USD, be sure to check out your specific currency for your prices. VersatileNode Website: (LInk) VersatileNode Discord: (Link) Promo Code: STAYINGHOME Enjoy this review? Let me know in Discord or the comments below! And stay updated on new content by using the @Notifications role in Discord!  
9 months ago

Over the past month or so I have been playing around with this really cool plugin, it basically allows you do add custom music or other audio to your server without any client modifications, just their plugin on your server! It works by syncing a webpage with your servers/players, all they have to do if keep the webpage open in the background and it will play audio depending on their location in-game. There are speaks you can use to have the audio come from a specific location, or you can use WorldGuard regions to define where audio will play!  Overall this is a very neat plugin and runs smoothly in Minecraft version 1.8 - 1.16.2. If you guys would like me to make a test server where you can join and test the plugin yourself, Let me know in Discord or Reply to this post! Plugin Page: Github:   Thanks for reading, if you want more information or have questions, join our discord and we can discuss it more! ~ DevTechGames    
9 months ago

This is not just another support communty! VersatileMC is a place to really get together and work on big issues or big projects! We will eventually have a community MC server, and probably some test servers that will be accessible by the community to mess with plugins and stuff.
9 months ago

VersatileMC is a place to collaborate with fellow Minecraft Developers and Administrators, discuss plugins, hosting options, optimizations, anything server related that you have learned over the years, and think will benefit others. I will be updating the website and adding new features as much as I can.
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